Saturday 08 December, 2012

Full Gallery: Hyundai A-League Rd 10 Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets

Click to enlarge pictureThe F3 Derby
The F3 Derby
The F3 Derby

CAMERA: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
LENS: n.a.
ISO: 2500
FOCAL LENGTH: 400.0 mm
fstop: f/2.8
SHUTTER: 1/1000 s

After a short break from shooting, I’ve hit the ground running again. Being a self employed sports photographer has it pros and cons. Firstly, you’re the boss, so you can shoot as much or as little as you like, but when you’re not shooting, well you’re not making money so it goes hand in hand.

Aside from trying to push yourself each and every time you shoot sports photography, there’s other things that are almost equally as important. Maintaing gear, chasing work, doing the books, and keeping up with showing the world your images. I must admit, I’ve neglected that last part a little, so I promise to make sure that I keep my readers more informed from now on.

The Hyundai A-League has exploded in Australia this year. While football doesn’t have the stigma that other sports such as rugby league and AFL do in this country, it’s certainly giving them a run for their money in 2013. I cover a lot of matches for the Central Coast Mariners for a small sporting publication called Grandstand.

There’s loads of opportunities to get some great sports photography images and I’ll share some for you in the coming weeks. Here’s one that appeals to me from a game against the Newcastle Jets. In terms of geography these two teams are only an hour away from each other and a single motorway called the F3 separates the two. Whenever these two teams compete, it’s know as the F3 Derby and both like to put on a show. Because of their closeness to each other the crowds are probably 50/50 supporting each side.

Headers usually make for an interesting photo, but you get a lot of backs of players (something I try not to do to much of). I like the angle on #19 for the Mariners – Mitchell Duke and equally so the position of #8 for the Newcastle Jets – Ruben Zadkovich. Ruben almost looks like he did ballet before his football career. (Sorry Ruben!)