Sunday 27 January, 2013

Full Gallery: T20 International – Australia v Sri Lanka

Click to enlarge pictureThe Catch
The Catch
The Catch

LENS: EF400mm f/2.8L IS USM
ISO: 2000
FOCAL LENGTH: 400.0 mm
fstop: f/2.8
SHUTTER: 1/1250 s

T20 cricket is a great game to watch, and shoot. It’s over in a matter of hours and there’s so much action both at the crease and on the field. You could point your camera at the wickets the whole game and still come away with some great sports photography. But a lot goes on in the outfield where there’s great emotion to be captured from the players.

Sometimes to get action away from the stumps you need to be prepared to sacrifice the bowlers and batters in return for a catch or a miss.

I was lucky in one regard to get this shot as I had a couple of frames of the stroke that this catch came off. It was quite a high ball that gave me enough time to take my eye from the viewfinder to see where it was heading. I could see Ben Laughlin running for it but just didn’t think he’d get there. I fixed on him and managed to get him mid air. It was a superb catch, that could only have been made better by being in front of him.