Thursday 31 January, 2013

Full Gallery: Mundine v Geale 2 IBF Middleweight Title

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Take That
Take That

LENS: n.a.
ISO: 3200
FOCAL LENGTH: 400.0 mm
fstop: f/2.8
SHUTTER: 1/2000 s

I’ll admit it – I’m not a boxing fan. Not because I don’t like the sport, I’ve just never been as exposed to it as other sports. But when you get the chance to shoot it, you jump at it. Especially when it’s one of the biggest fights in Australian boxing history.

There’s so many different sports photography images you can get, ringside, fighters entering the ring, over the ropes etc, but my favourite shot of the night came from the back of the venue shooting down into the ring. I was almost going to leave my 400 at home when at the last minute thought I should take it and get some shots from the back for a couple of rounds.

Technically it’s a little harder because you have to contend with backgrounds you can’t control as much and because you want to get more in the frame, the boxers need to be further away from you.

This image I made exemplified the type of shot I was aiming for all night. Great emotion from both Mundine and Geale.