Saturday 05 January, 2013

Full Gallery: Summernats 26 – Burnouts

Click to enlarge pictureSmoke Trails
Smoke Trails
Smoke Trails

CAMERA: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
LENS: n.a.
ISO: 100
fstop: f/9.0
SHUTTER: 1/200 s

I love heading down to Canberra every year for the Summernats Car festival. I recommend anyone that has an interest in cars should check it out at some stage. I should warn you that it’s aimed at the younger market, although there are quite a few people there that are 40 and over : )

The main attraction at the event is by far the burnouts that get executed on the specifically designed burnout pad (pictured). Now I’m not talking about the average burnout you’d hear in a suburban street at night. These are burnouts on the bleeding edge of rubber deformation, so much so that the aim of the event is to pop both rear tyres while completing you ‘run’ and hobble off the competition pad on your wheels (minus the tyre). Unfortunately photos don’t do this event justice so take a look at a quick video I shot of the event trackside last year to give you a better idea of the insanity that these contestants put their cars through. 

That was Peter and Debbie Gray – a husband and wife team.

The first year I shot, I got loads of side on/front shots, which are great but can get a little of the same after a while. Then last year I developed a pole that could house my camera and get some more aerial type shots. I also made some shots from a helicopter this year, which was tough. Hand holding your 400, a couple of hundred meters off the ground while circling the event is hard going. Check out the gallery for loads more pics.