Monday 07 January, 2013

Full Gallery: Hilltop Hoods – Speaking In Tongues

Click to enlarge pictureSpeaking In Tongues
Speaking In Tongues
Speaking In Tongues

CAMERA: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
LENS: n.a.
ISO: 2500
fstop: f/1.2
SHUTTER: 1/8000 s

It’s not all sports photography at The Low Down becasue that’s not all I shoot, although it is a big part of it.

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some bands over the years and if you’re not familiar with Hilltop Hoods, they’re an Australian Hip Hop act. Shooting bands is a little like sports photography in that you’ve only got a certain amount of time (usually the first three songs) to get your shots, which means you probably only walk away with 2-3 images your happy you made.

These guys are full-on from the moment they walk onto the stage. I got this shot just before I was kicked off and is a little less subdued that what you would normally see from a Hilltop performance. I like the 4 colour black and white qualities of the shot and the smoke and lighting all helps to create the mood.