Sunday 17 February, 2013
Click to enlarge pictureYou've got the look
You've got the look
You’ve got the look

LENS: EF400mm f/2.8L IS USM
ISO: 500
FOCAL LENGTH: 400.0 mm
fstop: f/2.8
SHUTTER: 1/3200 s

It’s rugby season again – finally.

As much as shooting pros is the challenge every sports photographer wants to excel at, shooting semi-pro is just as good, sometimes even better. The access is great, you can shoot from pretty much anywhere you like. There’s no egos, well a couple but not as big as some. And the atmosphere just feels more like it used to for me. You can smell the turf, hear the banter of the players, coaches and crowd.

My advice to any aspiring sports photog is to get involved in a local sports club that interests you. Go out of your way to shoot not just home games but away games, take the team portraits, get to know the players and the staff and give them some cracking images that they’ll remember the whole season, and if you’re lucky – you might even walk away with one or two images that season that you’re really proud of yourself. And that would be a good year!