Tuesday 26 March, 2013

Full Gallery: Super Rugby Rd 6 – Waratahs v Blues

Click to enlarge pictureIzzy

LENS: EF400mm f/2.8L IS USM
ISO: 400
FOCAL LENGTH: 400.0 mm
fstop: f/18.2
SHUTTER: 1/25 s

Is there a better footballer around at the moment that Izzy? Some will disagree with me, but on and off the field, the guy is a true champion.  I’ll admit (and he probably would too) that the whole AFL thing was a little sideway for a guy of his experience, but that’s in the past and he can concentrate on his future. He’s looking much more confident on the field as the union season progresses. Considering he’s just been named in the Wallabies 30-man squad, It won’t be too long before he gets to add the ‘dual test international’ to his CV.

But back to sports photography, and this shot in particular. You don’t see too much panning these days, especially not in sports such as union and league. I guess you can miss too many news-worthy moments if your playing around with slower shutter speeds, but I love experimenting and this image I made is one of the better examples of mine when it does work.

Having one part of the image as sharp as it can be really helps to draw your eye into the image. And believe me, it’s hard to get any part of an image sharp when you’re shooting at 1/25, panning and your subject is as fast as Israel Folau.

Trust me, I dropped quite a few frames to get to this one.